About Us

First before story time! ..if you wish to message me or telephone – Gordon.sowden@gmail.com or 07802 326366 – I’ll be pleased to talk to you

Miltronics is a miltary radio and accessories business that is just me, Gordon Sowden, ex Royal Navy Weapons, ex GPO telecomms engineer, HNC Electronics ( long forgotten) and the next 30 years in heavy mechanical engineering and then……….. Back to where it all began!

I am pleased and proud to be associated with Johnsons of Leeds for the last twenty two years. We have enjoyed many good times together and it is only as a result of my long friendship with Barry of Johnsons that I rekindled my schoolboy interest in military surplus radio equipment. Along the way i have met and befriended a good few exciting military and ex-military people who have helped both by buying as well as supplying many exciting items.

My renewed interest also took me into – finally- the world of amateur radio where i have made many good friends and became a radio amateur, M0STS.

Another great interest which led to even further involvement in military communications, was my introduction to Airsoft with some of the greatest chums i have ever been involved with since i took the Queens Shilling in January ’61 and went off to avenge the death of Nelson in the Royal Navy. Both adventures led to some of the greatest days of my life – some in my youth in the Royal Navy and then some in my twilight years with Stirling Airsoft , founded by the legendary John Mcleash of SAS fame, (who sadly i never met) along with the great leadership team of Matt, Ben and Dave who i am also very proud to count as my friends. Luckily i arrived on the airsoft scene in the days that were just the beginning of military communications in the hobby, so, i became the radio quartermaster !…… and the rest , as they say, is now history!

So – is it to be onwards and upwards? Well i can only hope so, with the help of my amazing suppliers and YOU, my public!

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